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Excellent work. My smile is back

I was always afraid to smile or open my mouth among my friends because my teeth were spaced and not straight. It was embarrassing. This went on for a few years. Finally, I decided to do something about it. One of my friends suggested I go and see Dr. Angela Sharma, a specialist in orthodontics. I took the brave step. I am so glad I did. She developed a treatment plan especially for me and personally supervised my progress. She was very understanding. Within a few months, my teeth started to look straight and good which gave me my confidence back. I smile a lot now and participate in conversations without fear of embarrassment. Great work Dr. Sharma. I highly recommend her.

Good Work
On recommendation from our family friend, I took my two children to Dr. Sharma for second opinion. She paid a lot of personal attention and gave us her advice. We decided to go with her. She developed separate treatment plans for both the kids. Interestingly, she does a lot of work herself and not the technicians. It is progressing very well and we are very satisfied. She is very friendly and understanding. Excellent work. Also, we saved money compared to the quote from the other orthodontist. I would recommend her to anyone. If you got kids who need specialist help, go to her.

Shelley S
Thank you Dr. Sharma

Great work on my children’s teeth. Both are progressing fine. Thanks for your personal attention and gentle care. I sure will recommend to my family friends.

Janice K
Excellent Consultation. Good Work.

Sometime ago I received a flyer in the mail from McKenzie Orthodontics. What got my attention was it indicated that all children should be seen by a qualified orthodontics specialist by age 7. I never knew that. No one ever took me to an orthodontist when I was a child. The flyer also indicated what signs to look for whether the child needs orthodontic treatment. One sign was thumb sucking. Our older son sucked thumb from time to time. We had noticed that his upper and lower teeth were not properly aligned. The flyer also mentioned that consultation was free so we took our son to the clinic. We were greeted by Dr. Angela Sharma, a friendly and charming person. After consultation, it became apparent that our son needed orthodontic attention. My husband and I both agreed to proceed with the treatment without delay. Dr. Sharma designed the treatment for our son which is proceeding very well. Next is my turn. I don’t have the best smile and could use expert advice.
The staff was very friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Sharma and McKenzie Orthodontics.

Barbara S.
Best personal attention. Excellent work.

Our older son is undergoing orthodontic treatment with another orthodontist. We are not happy with his work since most of the work is done by technicians and he hardly spends any time on our son’s treatment. We also knew that our younger son needed orthodontic treatment. So after checking with our friends, we decided to visit Dr. Angela Sharma at McKenzie Orthodontics. We were pleased to meet with her and were impressed with her down-to-earth approach in discussing my son’s need for treatment. We were very pleased with her pleasant manners. After initial consultation, which was free, we were advised that our son did not need tooth extraction before starting the treatment, as was recommended by the other orthodontist. We have decided to proceed with the treatment for our younger son with Dr. Sharma. I would recommend that other parents whose children require orthodontic treatment should visit with her before starting any treatment.

Margret S.
McKenzie Orthodontics. Highly Recommended

Presently my children are undergoing ortho treatment at McKenzie Orthodontics. It is going very well. The reason I am recommending the clinic is that Dr. Sharma who is an orthodontics specialist, personally supervises the progress and spends time on the kids, and does not leave everything to technicians. We checked around before going with Dr. Sharma. In doing so, we also saved money.

Fay C.

Thanks Dr. Sharma

Before I took our two kids for orthodontic treatment, I was always concerned about how much it will cost. We tried to delay it but as parents, my husband and I knew that it had to be done. We took our kids to McKenzie Orthodontics. Consultation was free. We were greeted by Dr. Angela Sharma, a specialist in orthodontics and a very pleasant and polite person. After initial examination with a free x ray, we were advised that kids needed treatment. When we expressed that the expenses may be too high, she was understanding and suggested a payment plan that would be convenient and affordable. There was no pressure. She even suggested that we should think over it in the next few days. We were surprised that charges were less than the other orthodontist we had consulted before. After a few days, my husband and I decided to start treatment with Dr. Sharma. She takes personal interest and spends time to review progress. The treatment is going very well. We sure recommend to other parents that they should visit with Dr. Sharma.

Kay C.

Thanks Dr. Sharma. Good Work.

Our daughter is undergoing orthodontic treatment under Dr. Sharma’s care who is a specialist in orthodontics. It is going very well. Dr. Sharma has been very understanding and caring and gives personal attention to my daughter’s progress. We have full confidence in her. We also find it very convenient for the whole family that dental care is available in both orthodontics and general dentistry under the same clinic. We highly recommend Dr. Sharma to other parents.

Laura G.

Mckenzie Ortho. Dr. Sharma

Sometime ago we received a flyer in the mail mentioning that kids should be seen by a qualified specialist by age 7. Consultation was free. We knew that one of our kids needed to get his teeth straightened. He sucked his thumb from time to time at his age. This was one of the symptoms mentioned in the flyer. So my husband and I visited with Dr. Sharma, a polite and nice person. After exam, we were advised that the kid needed orthodontic treatment. We asked how much it will cost and she gave us an estimate. We were surprised when Dr. Sharma suggested that if we would like to consult another orthodontist for a second opinion, which we did later on. We felt pressured by the other orthodontist to sign and his charges were much higher. So we went back to Dr. Sharma and started the program with her. Dr. Sharma designed a treatment plan for our child and discussed with us. The treatment is going very well. Dr. Sharma is caring and takes personal interest in the treatment. We recommend her.

Grace M.

Good Work Dr. Sharma

One of our children is undergoing ortho treatment with Dr. Sharma who is a specialist. We are happy with the progress. Dr. Sharma spends time and takes personal interest with our daughter. We highly recommend her.


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